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- D.U. Vin, Culture et Oenotourisme (IUVV Jules GUYOT)

- D.U. Pratique de la Dégustation par la Connaissance des Terroirs (IUVV Jules Guyot)

- I.S.F.D. N°3 Professeur des Écoles

- Bac littéraire


« Accepter la diversité nous apporte de la richesse »
« Les œnotouristes veulent vivre une expérience sensible et authentique »
« Les raisons du succès de la Saint-Vincent tournante »
« La Saint-Vincent tournante doit conserver son âme »

« L’Argentine et ses vins : un coin d’Europe
dans le Nouveau Monde »

Extrait de mon mémoire d’études réalisé lors de mon cursus à l’IUVV Jules GUYOT et publié par la Chaire UNESCO lors des Rencontres et Conférences du Clos Vougeot, Culture et Traditions du Vin de Bourgogne : « Le vin en héritage : anciens vignobles, nouveaux vignobles. »


“Bonjour Viviana,

I am now back in Los Angeles and wanted to write you with sincere thanks for your gracious hospitality when I was visiting Burgundy recently. It was such a treat to tour Bouchard’s beautiful facilities – it had been years since I was there. And it was a truly special time for my mother. It was wonderful hearing her talk about Bouchard wines, the cellars, the grounds, and your fabulous tour to all her friends when we returned to Switzerland.
You have an excellent ability to talk to people with little wine knowledge, such as my mother, and make it easy to understand. And I know you can also talk on the highest levels with your most knowledgeable customers. It is a wonderful gift you have. And you make everyone feel comfortable, special, and welcome with your delightful personality.

I sincerely thank you for your time and the information you provided – and the wines showed exceptionally well.” Kind regards,

Erica Meadows


“Dearest Viviana,

Words cannot express my thanks and gratitude for the amazing visit we all had at Bouchard Pere et Fils !!! The tour, tasting, wines, luncheon- were top notch and truly spectacular! And so very special! I am touched by your graciousness. Viviana- you truly made our visit one to remember for a lifetime! Your kindness, hospitality and knowledge is first class! And your passion is contagious!
I am grateful for all you did and hope one day, when you come to the USA, I can do the same for you.
I am so lucky to work for a stellar company and family, with the best people in the world! Warmest regards,” Thyann

Thyann Johnson
Regional Manager Texas, Louisiana and Georgia